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Leak Detection North Vancouver

Leak Detection North Vancouver

When to Ask for Professional Help for Leak Detection in North Vancouver

Water leaking underground can create great inconvenience to our home and commercial spaces. These leakages can lead to flooding the ground levels, building and structure damages, and can compromise solid foundations.

We, at Tap-Roots, are your ultimate destination for reliable and affordable leak detection in North Vancouver. We provide professional leak detection services at a minimal cost. Detecting these leaks are difficult and professional services are necessary to avoid digging ground surfaces unnecessarily.

Methods of Leak Detection

Pipeline leak detection determines where a leak occurred and if it contains either water or gas. The methods mostly used are hydrostatic testing, laser technology, and infrared to detect pipeline leaks that are underground.

Having a network of pipelines is considered to be the safest and economical way for water, gas, and other fluid transportation. Some of the significant leaks may have been due to damage done by a nearby excavation. Another reason is if a pipeline is not properly maintained and has corroded its joints where a moisture collection sits over time.

These defects can easily be identified through inspection and use of proper tools to locate the leakage. Earth movements, accidents, and sabotage can also be another reason for pipe leakage.

Hydrostatic test

The hydrostatic test can be conducted to a pressure vessel like pipelines, gas cylinders, plumbing, boilers, or fuel tanks. These vessels will be tested for strength and leaks by filling it with water or liquid usually dyed for visual detection. The pipe systems are also pressurized to check the strength and its capacity. The tightness of the pressure is tested by shutting the supply valve and observe pressure loss.

This method of leak detection is commonly employed to test pressure vessels and pipes. The method helps to maintain the standards in safety and durability of the pipes over time. The importance of testing pressure vessels is important to avoid explosions if it is under pressure.

Hydrostatic testing is widely conducted under the governance of the State laws, constraint’s of industry, and customer’s preferences.

Laser Leak Detection

A laser device emits light through an optical amplification process and is stimulated by emitting electromagnetic radiation. It is classified as an operating medium to continuously operate or in pulse mode to form pulses of light and detect leakage.

Infrared Thermography

A study was made to detect the success of IR thermography leak detection for buried pipes and it shows that IR thermography has an 80% detection rate. This has created an opportunity to improve the practicality of this method in leak detection combined with other techniques.

Capturing leaks through thermal image made detection efficient and more simple even when the spot is hidden. This method takes advantage of the fact that water leaks show a different temperature than its environment. Therefore, breaking suspected grounds, walls, and floors is not necessary.

If you need help with plumbing and leak detection in North Vancouver, Tap-Roots is the best place to call. We guaranteed to provide you with professional support and services at an affordable rate.

Leak Detection North Vancouver
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